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A recent news segment on proper holiday lighting installation appeared on WGN-TV and featured our Christmas Decor by Arvidson project manager, Doug Marunde.  In this segment, Doug shares his knowledge about the importance of proper ladder usage and how to avoid overloading circuits. The segment ran on Wednesday, November 26th.

Many people would rather avoid the dangers of outdoor decorating altogether and hire a professional Christmas light installer to perform this task.  However, for those planning to hang their own lights, we recommend following this important safety procedures:

– Avoid overloading circuits by using energy efficient LED lights which lower electrical consumption.  These lights are also easier on your electricity bill.

– Do not to use more than 80% of a circuit capacity, standard residential circuits are generally 15 amps, so not more than 12 amps per circuit.   Wire has a load capacity of 10 amps so do not put more than 10 amps on any single run of lights

– Professional grade timers should have built in overload protection to create a barrier between the lights and the home.

– Oftentimes exterior outlets may be on the same circuit, even outlets on opposite sides of the house.  Holiday lighting installation professionals use circuit finders to identify if exterior outlets share the same circuit, and with proper access to the electrical panel can determine if an exterior outlet is on the same circuit as an interior outlet.

The majority of overload protection originates from a proper install as professionals will test a load with an amp meter to ensure that neither the wire nor circuits are overloaded.  It may seem like a “no-brainer”, but the best way to prevent and avoid holiday lighting installation circuit overloads, is to use the services of a professional Christmas lighting installer.