Christmas lighting installers Highland Park, Northbrook, WillmetHave you ever wondered what the specific colors of lights that you hang in your home might reveal about your personality? Our Christmas lighting installers tend to find this type of information quite interesting. The School of Psychology has evaluated the different colors of holiday lights and what they can tell about our subconscious. See if you concur with their hypothesis.

White holiday lights are typically associated with people who enjoy being with others during work and celebrations. People who hang white lights on their tree are seen to be fair when making decisions that involve others and try to move on from their past. White lights can also be used to represent equality, purity, and innocence.

Blue is often associated with tranquility, peace, honesty and tradition. Blue is seen as a common color for businesses, offices and schools as it is linked with productivity.

Violet and Purple are very similar colors. People favoring these colors are more likely to have vibrant imaginations and a strong handle on their emotions. You will most likely see these colors used to represent wealth and royalty. There is also a strong association with wisdom and spirituality.

Green is a color that symbolizes nature and is most often the favorite color of people who enjoy being in the outdoors. It is believed that green has a relaxing and calming effect and can relieve stress. Green holiday lights can represent good luck and health, revitalization and serenity.

Red is used to represent love, contentment, and passion. Individuals who favor the color are often found to be fierce and high functioning. Those who are energetic and emotional tend to be ones using red holiday lights.

While it is fun to look into the meanings behind the colors the psychology behind these findings do not represent or pertain to everyone. Whatever your favorite holiday light color might be: blue, green, red, or purple; Christmas Decor  by Arvidson will provide you with excellent service and unique design that will make your landscape and home the star of the block! Contact us today to get a no obligation Christmas lighting installation estimate and $75 off your first holiday decoration services.