Avoid holiday lighting installation injuries Chicago Il

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Tyler Marunde, Sales Coordinator for Christmas Decor by Arvidson, appeared in a news segment on WMAQ-TV, the Chicago NBC affiliate about how to avoid holiday decorating injuries.  The segment focused on the proper use of ladders and the dangers associated with overloading circuits, a common mistake of DIY homeowners when they perform their outdoor holiday lighting installation.

The segment cited that approximately 14,000 injuries are reported during the weeks surrounding the holidays as a result of homeowners installing lights during cold and slippery conditions.  This is one of the leading reasons why so many homeowners today are using professional installers such as Christmas Decor by Arvidson to install their holiday lighting and outdoor decorations.

For those who do decide to do their own decoration, following some basic safety guidelines will go a longChristmas Decor by Arvidson with NBC Chicago News Crew way in protecting them from preventable accidents.  For instance, when climbing ladders make sure that you keep a low center of gravity and use proper equipment.  This includes proper foot attire (we recommend Cougar Paw roofing shoes), properly manned ladders that are tied off at the top and secured at the bottom by either a man or sandbags, and where necessary we recommend anchors and fall protection harnesses.

While not necessarily climbing related, dropping of items from an overhead position is a danger as well.  When it’s cold outside, it’s easy to drop pliers and other tools from the roof onto the ground.  Holiday lighting installation professionals will use containers to carry tools and materials while on roofs to prevent dropping.  It makes them more efficient and safe.

Our next article will have helpful information about circuit capacity and the best type of electrical cords to use.

It may seem like a “no-brainer”, but the best way to prevent and avoid holiday lighting installation injuries related to falls, is to use the services of a professional Christmas lighting installer.